Eyelash Extensions

Treatment Description

Natural lash extensions is the best solution for waking up with long, full, dark lashes each day without need for mascara.

La Vitalité Med Spa provides a range of lash extension options including Classic, Hybrid and Volume for those looking to enhance their natural beauty with eyelash extensions in Toronto.


  • Add volume to your natural eyelashes
  • Add length and draw people into your eyes
  • Does not require use of mascara
  • Boost self-confidence
  • Saves time and effort with makeup
  • Gives you a feeling of glamour

Personalized Lashes

Length, thickness, curl and styling can be customized to each client based on eye shape, health and length of the natural lash.

Classic Lashes

Classic Lashes are single, thicker extensions carefully attached to one isolated natural lash. This one-to-one technique gives a “mascara” look without the clumps.

Due to the precision of isolation and attachment there will be no damage to your natural lash.


Hybrid Lashes are a blend of classic and volume fans, the best of both worlds!

Hybrid lashes typically use a 30-70 mixture of both classic and volume lashes. Achieve a very texturized look with this awesome combo.


Volume Lash extensions offer you a full, glamorous look.

Volume lashes involve apply a “fan” of lash extensions to one lash. So, instead of the 1:1 ratio of classic lashes, you may have a 1:3 or 1:5. This is how a luxurious volume is achieved!

Before and After Results


Any! It really does depend on the look you want to achieve and on your natural lashes. If you are lucky enough to have thick natural lashes you may decide to get classic lashes, so your look isn’t too dramatic.

If you don’t have naturally thick lashes, you may prefer to choose hybrid lash extensions to get the best of both worlds. Of course, 3D eyelash extensions and other volumes will likely give you lashes you won’t stop looking at.

The answer to this question can only be answered by you. And if you aren’t sure, discuss the options with your eyelash extension technician.

They will be able to help you achieve the look you are looking for and talk to you about what is best for your natural eyelashes.

Are you someone who wears fake eyelashes whenever you go out? If so, you’ll love the full look volume lashes can achieve – you’ll have that full look without having to apply or remove them! If not, discuss hybrid and classic lashes for a natural look.

Book your appointment to get long, luscious eyelashes with us today!