Dark Eye Circles / Eye Bags

What Are Dark Eye Circles / Eye Bags?

Bags under eyes — mild swelling or puffiness under the eyes — are common as you age. With aging, the tissues around your eyes, including some of the muscles supporting your eyelids, weaken. Normal fat that helps support the eyes can then move into the lower eyelids, causing the lids to appear puffy. Fluid also may accumulate in the space below your eyes, adding to the swelling. Bags under eyes are usually a cosmetic concern and rarely a sign of a serious underlying medical condition.

As you age, the tissue structures and muscles supporting your eyelids weaken. The skin may start to sag, and fat that is normally confined to the area around the eye (orbit) can move into the area below your eyes. Also, the space below your eyes can accumulate fluid, making the under-eye area appear puffy or swollen.

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Causes of Puffy Eyes

Genetics – If your parents have puffy under-eye bags, you will likely inherit them too.

Lack of sleep – A lack of sleep leads to a loss of collagen under the eyes, which causes fluid to collect in the area.

Poor diet – Lots of salt in your diet will cause your lower eyelids to swell as too much sodium makes your body retain water.

Excess sun exposure – The UV rays break down the skin’s collagen and elastane allowing fluid to gather under the eye area.

Crying – This causes fluid to collect around your eyes causing puffiness.

Allergies – This can cause your eyes to water leading to swelling issues and fluid retention.

Causes of Dark Eye Circles

Stress – When the body is undergoing stress, it channels blood away from areas such as the face, to the main organs that need it more. As a result of less blood supply, the face acquires a drained and pasty complexion.  The dark circles under your eyes can look even more pronounced, when contrasted with the skin color on the rest of the face or body.

Collagen Loss – As we grow older, loss of elasticity and decreased ability to regenerate, leaves our skin thinner. This is the reason why, despite sleeping longer hours, aged persons usually have periorbital dark circles that are more pronounced.

Periorbital Hyperpigmentation – This is a condition wherein the skin beneath the eyes, produces more melanin, leading to darker coloring or pigmentation of the specific area in higher quantities.

Genetics – Our genetic makeup also has a major say in the appearance and severity of dark circles under the eyes. As a result, some people are more prone to dark circles formation. Particularly, if you are born  with very pale skin, then you are more likely to suffer issues with darker pigmentation. Moreover, broken capillaries are likely to stand out more prominently on your skin.

Iron Deficiency – Sometimes, dark circles can be an indication of iron deficiency conditions such as anemia. In people suffering from less iron in their body, the red pigment, hemoglobin, which transports oxygen to cells, gets broken down very easily, imparting a dark or bruised look to the skin in areas below the eye.

Broken Capillaries – The thinnest and most delicate skin area around your face, lies just below the eyes. Being the most sensitive skin areas on your face, the capillaries located under this thin dermis, are more prone to breaking, generally due to stress or exposure to harsh sunlight. The blood cells that  spread out from these spaces, usually gather just below the skin surface, to  oxidize and form a dark purple hue.

Sunken-Looking Eyes – With advancing age, the bones forming the orbit tend to shrink and enlarging the orbital cavity. Some of the periorbital fat which cradles and cushions the eyes, is lost with the passage of time.  As a result, we end up with sunken-looking eyes,  making the dark circles look worse.

Treatment Options

Thermage® Skin Tightening Eyes

Address the visible signs of aging in minutes. Thermage® is a non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) therapy that can help smooth, tighten and contour skin for an overall younger-looking appearance.

For eyes, Thermage® can help to reduce wrinkles and decrease “hooding” for a more awakened look.

La Vitalité Med Spa is proud to be a leading provider of Thermage® skin tightening in Toronto.

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Tear Trough Fillers

Dermal fillers are gel-like substances that are injected beneath the skin to enhance facial contours and restore lost volume for a more youthful appearance.

One of the most common compounds used in dermal fillers is hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in our skin that plays an important role in maintaining skin elasticity, regeneration, and hydration. However, your skin’s level of hyaluronic acid naturally decreases with age.

Hyaluronic acid fillers can not only eliminate static wrinkles on the forehead, but it can also restore lost volume and plumpness in the face, and add fullness to areas of the face and body.

Hyaluronic acid is very safe, a substance that exists in the skin itself. It helps the skin retain moisture and can also fill the skin’s dermis. This can remove static wrinkles, fill facial depressions, and improve the skin’s texture.

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PRP Therapy

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) refers to blood cells rich in platelets, plasma or growth factors. People can use PRP technology to extract cells and plasma rich in high concentrations of platelets and various growth factors from their own blood.

PRP is a natural non surgical solution to treating dark under-eye circles and eye bags. For common wrinkles such as neck wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, frown lines, stretch marks, growth wrinkles, eye wrinkles, nose wrinkles, and mouth wrinkles, PRP injection can effectively remove wrinkles.

The liquid gold comes from your own body, it is a safe and effective treatment.

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